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reflecting on days gone by
Reflections by gramalot8
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As I walk along the old dirt road
Right next to the river bank,
I stop and look at my reflection,
Sad, alone, no Nancy or Hank.

Three best friends our whole life through,
Never a care, just worry free.
Growing up wild in pure country air,
Just Nancy and Hank and good ole me.

We rode our bikes along that road
Until we found our favorite spot.
Right next to that crusty river bank,
We'd pull out our poles and fish... a lot.

When we'd fished enough, we'd dip our toes
Deep in the water's edge.
Then Hank would laugh and push and shove
Nancy and me near the river's ledge.

We grew up fast and happy and free,
Vowed our friendships would last forever.
Me and Nancy and fun-loving Hank,
Enjoying life along that river.

Funny how sudden things can change.
It seemed to happen overnight.
Nancy and Hank ran off together.
I was left behind ... it just wasn't right.

I'd hoped all along that he liked me,
Always pushing and shoving, teasing and such.
While Nancy smiled shyly at both of us ......
Never hinting how she loved him so much.

As I now reflect on those years gone by,
Sitting alone on the river bank,
I guess I can see the plain ole truth - - -
It was never 'bout us.... just Nancy and Hank.



Author Notes
Funny how reflecting on life can change as we get older. Poem inspired by the picture from Blackell.


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