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Blank Verse Shakespearean Crown of Sonnets
: Afton's Ridge by mountainwriter49
    Love Poem Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

Afton’s Ridge
Blank Verse Shakespearean Crown of Sonnets

A long read, but thank you for hanging in there with this one! :-) 

1:  Twilight
‘Twas twilight when I crested Afton’s Ridge,
and stopped to gaze upon the reddened sky’s
last wink before night’s dark ascent became
complete.  I was transfixed by stunning view
     of shifting clouds as dimming light engaged
     in lovers’ dance while winsome westward winds’
     soft aria began to sweetly sing. 
      I wept as Afton's winds caressed my face.
Despite the splendor of this grand display,
I knew the night would bring forth much delight.
My home atop the ridge was near, so I
resumed my drive along the winding road.
      The beauty of the evening set the tone
      to hold the one I love by crackling fire.
Afton’s Ridge
2:  Night
To hold the one I love by crackling fire
doth bring me joy and happiness tonight.
Oh how I’ve longed to look into your eyes
and taste your lips so sweet.  I’ve missed your touch
     and long for your embrace as we make love
     by oil lamp’s dancing shadows on the wall.
     I need no words, as thoughts will softly speak
     as only they can ‘til our moments’ rush.
Yet in the afterglow I ponder us
and revel with delight how each time with
you is as fresh as is the morning dew.
The moonless night’s aglow as we entwine.
     Illumination comes in many forms,
     ‘tis ours to grasp and savor with great verve.

Afton’s Ridge
3:  Midnight
‘Tis ours to grasp and savor with great verve,
while gazing on His brilliant astral light.
The moonless night enhances grand display
of twinkling stars so far beyond our reach.
     We lie on bald’s expanse beyond our home
     and ponder constellations’ artistry.
     A shooting star streaks ‘cross night’s grand facade
     reminding us the Master is at work.
We are thus awed by His magnificence,
but sandman sprinkles sands of sleep upon
our eyes and night’s display begins to fade
as dreams o’er take us ‘neath night’s starry show.
     The night sky’s awed mankind throughout the years,
     assuring His light will forever shine.
Afton’s Ridge
4:  Dawn
Assuring His light will forever shine,
dawn’s faint magenta glow outlines the ridge
as brilliant orb ascends with new day’s birth.
The sky transitions with most splendorous
     of shifting hues as softest morning light
     makes land and sky appear as though Monet
     had painted them in soft vignettes so long
     ago.  I love the morning light and how
it casts your face so very beautif'lly.
Yet morning’s bliss has faded and you pull
me close and whisper time has come for us
to douse the fire and leave the bald for home.
     Each day’s a renaissance for one to live,
     and every hour’s a chance to kiss the day.

Afton’s Ridge
5:  Noon
And every hour’s a chance to kiss the day,
especially when Saturday arrives.
‘Tis then when we can free our minds of work.
So off to Otter Creek ‘neath ancient trees

     we planned to go as fragrant java brewed.
     We played in creek’s cool rushing stream amidst
     the laughter of our girl's delight as she’d
     skim rocks across the Otter’s flowing face.

Such wondrous glee and love abounded as
we savored grand oasis hidden there.
But noon’s sun struck my face and I awoke
and realized I’d been lost in my dreams.

     And though the creek flows o’er the rocks so slow,
     I know life moves much faster than light speed.

Afton’s Ridge
6:  Afternoon
I know life moves much faster than light speed.
and gasp at the reality of how
time’s passed me by as though I don’t exist.
My child’s now grown and living far away

     and Otter Creek’s reprise brings forth sweet thoughts
     of yesterday’s delightful charm when we
     were young and life was wonderfully fresh.
     I lay across broad rock within creek’s stream

and close my eyes once more to ponder life.
In midst of dreams renewed I feel your touch
and whisper reassuring me all’s well.
And then you softly kiss my lips and smile.
     Life’s mem’ries are a treasure to behold
     as life and time begin to pass us by.

Afton’s Ridge
7:  Evening
As life and time begin to pass us by
you pull me forth and hold me close tonight.
I am affirmed in who and what I am
and all that has made us as family.
     You whisper that our time is not yet done
      as you renew your love despite the time
      and my transgressions that have caused you hurt.
      I’m swamped with thoughts I have not felt in years.
Yet sun shall rise and new day’s dawn despite
my fears and tribulations that abound.
‘Tis faith in love and fam’ly that affirms
our path for time that’s left for us to thrive.
      Life comes full circle when our hearts allow,
      ‘Twas twilight when I crested Afton’s Ridge.

8 December 2013

Love Poem Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Poetic Form:
Blank Verse Shakespearean Crown of Sonnets:
The Crown of Sonnets (Crown) is usually written in the Italian (Petrarcian) form; however, I've chosen to write it in Shakespearean format in blank verse. It is written in iambic pentameter. This decision mirrors my life in this time--blank and not in rhyme. Thus, with blank verse, the poems are written in iambic pentameter with no end rhyme. With that said, there may be end rhyme between the seven sonnets, but not within an individual sonnet. Additionally, the last line of the first stanza forms the first line of the second, and so forth, thus unifying the sonnets. Thus the last line of the previous sonnet may have a different meaning or connotation than the first line of the succeeding sonnet.

Afton's Ridge = a crossing of the Blue Ridge Mountains west of Charlottesville, VA

Bald = a natural phenominum occurring on the highest peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, mostly in North Carolina. The balds are grassy areas usually above 5200 feet mdl. They are treasures to behold and enjoy.

Otter Creek = a delightful wayside along the Blue Ridge Parkway north of Lynchburg, VA

Digital Imagery:
I believe poetry should be able to stand on its own; therefore, I have chosen to not append artwork. It is my hope the reader will be able to create his/her own imagery as the poem is read both silently and aloud.

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consider signing up in Brooke Baldwin's Sonnet class to learn how to write in sonnet form. They are both experts in the mentioned fields

Thank you, Brooke, for your patience while I've worked on this Crown. You're a great teacher and mentor. :-)

Thank you for reading my poetry.


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