- The Machine Stopsby kiwisteveh
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When appliances break
The Machine Stops by kiwisteveh
    When your appliances break Contest Winner 

The fridge is far from frosty
and the toaster's on the fritz;
the mower's scattered round the yard
in countless shattered bits.

The kettle gives a deathly wail
then, whimpering, expires;
the stereo's demented
Like a dozen off-key choirs.

The washer's bumpy-thumping
like it wants to leave the room;
the heater's grown quite chilly
and the oven's met its doom.

The waste disposal ate four forks
then graunched before exploding;
there's a message on the microwave
that fills me with foreboding.

The telly's just gone belly-up
smack in the evening news;
the DVD needs TLC;
computer's blown a fuse.

My Bluetooth needs a dentist
and my Wi-Fi's disconnected;
my razor flicked its flexy tail
then died; how unexpected!

My iPad tells me I don't know
the year that I was born;
my smart phone's lost its smarts it seems;
my Kindle's reading porn.

My GPS has lost its way
and beggared off to Burma;
my Whipper-Snipper slipped and dipped,
then ate some terra firma

I'd like to post this poem on-line
so all the world can read it,
but the Internet's gone Poof! Kaput!
just when I really need it!
When your appliances break
Contest Winner


Author Notes
The title refers to a wonderful science fiction story by E. M. Forster - it should be compulsory reading for anyone who feels we are getting just a little too dependent on our technology. It's available on-line at:

Ok I may have stretched the definition of appliances just a teensy bit - so sue me!


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