- Heaven and Earthby Suzie Q
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An Acrostic poem
Heaven and Earth by Suzie Q
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Heaven awaits, the Pearly Gates open wide
Eager to welcome God's children inside
Accepting salvation from Christ is the key
Vindicated by God, his love set us free
Eternal glory, peace so profound
No reason to fear if you're Heaven bound

Angels protect me until my last breath
No worries have I, not even of death
Direct my path, Dear Lord, till that day

Earth has me now, yet I shall not stay
All I desire, this truth I must tell
Rests in the hope that I served you well
Take my hand when my journey is through
Home sweet home is in Heaven with You


Author Notes
I was here at the Heaven and Earth store and the idea came to me to try to write an Acrostic poem with that title. Thanks to Visionary Perspective for use of the photo


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