- The Voyager by Justin Chopin
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A poem describing myself
The Voyager by Justin Chopin

In the dawn a young voyager
Gazes at the virgin sunlight.
He prays that His God
Will always hold him tight.

He meditates and pleads while
Sitting next to a tranquil tree.
Searching every orifice
Of his heart for a Christ-given harmony.

But it seems in his
Struggling he cannot find.
Anything to alleviate
The demons of his mind.

For he feels life smothering
Him like a living hell.
He is a lonely, monotonic Christian
And this is his tale:

I have been searching for God
Since I was seven years old.
But I can't find His peace and
My spirit is so callous and cold.

In my deepest forebodings of fright
Demons surround me and I can't cry.
Jesus, help me, Sweet Jesus because
I don't want to die.

I tried to sojourn to the forest,
A tranquil Promised Land.
So that Lucifer could not touch me
With his flaming, tortuous hands.

But with every step and with every turn
I begin to lose my fragile hope.
Jesus, please help me
Because I just cannot seem to cope.

The world around me is changing
And in its transformation I can feel.
I'm losing touch with reality
And no longer distinguish what is false or what is real.

My heart is beating so intensely
With every step I take.
Jesus, I give you my spirit and my soul
For I know I am yours, never to forsake.


Author Notes
This is actually a revision of a poem I did about three years ago. basically about me struggling to find my identity in God. The art is from John Bunyan's epic story " Pilgrims Progress." Enjoy.


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