- Chocolate Fudge Kayakby PhilipCatshill
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A bit of nonsense with a moral
Chocolate Fudge Kayak by PhilipCatshill

I'm not good at this boat building thing.

My last boat building effort was when my writer friend wanted to know if it were possible to get into the USA without papers.

I tried to disguise myself as a moustache wearing nun, and after an insignificant adventure or two, I arrived in Greenland. Here, I built a kayak out of chocolate fudge cake and held it together with drinking straws.

I almost made it to New York and could even see the Statue of Liberty, but it was so bitterly cold. As thick as my nun's habit was, I wasn't used to wearing a dress, and that draught started to freeze what I'll politely call my unlikely places. To keep warm, I piled the drinking straws and lit a little fire in the bottom of the kayak - the chocolate melted and the Kayak quickly sank.

The moral of this story is:

You can't heat your Kayak
and keep it.

Author Notes
This is where my credibility with being an internationally acclaimed crime fiction writer takes a nosedive.


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