- Sammy's Prayerby BethShelby
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A little boy isn't happy about his new baby brother.
Sammy's Prayer by BethShelby
A Child's Perspective writing prompt entry

Dear God, I need to talk to you,
if you've got the time to spare.
I am sure you're awfully busy,
but I hope you'll hear my prayer.

Remember when I asked if you
would send to me a brother?
I think you didn't understand,
and neither did my mother.

I didn't want a baby one.
All he does is cry all day.
I wanted one who's just my size,
one who's big enough to play.

I think Mommy really likes him,
maybe even more than me.
But I'm sure he's much more trouble
than a bigger boy would be.

Do you think we could exchange him?
If you can't a dog will do.
Maybe someone else would like him,
if they don't mind cleaning poo.

Mommy says I should say 'thank you'
ev'ry time I talk to you.
So I'm thanking you for lis'ning.
Now, I think my prayer is through.

This is Sammy signing off now.
I'll try hard to not be bad.
One more thing before I quit though,
please bless Mommy and my dad.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem using any form but must be 80 words or over. The topic is to use a child's perspective on something. For example, if writing about school, tell the story in the words of a child, or the way child would tell it.


Author Notes
8-7-8-7 syllable count ABCB rhyme scheme


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