- But OH THE NIGHTSby G.B. Smith
This work has reached the exceptional level
I yearn for the feel of your body pressed tightly to mine
But OH THE NIGHTS by G.B. Smith
Vampire in FREE FORM, initials here

Like the embers glowing in the dim firelight
I yearn for the feel of your body pressed tightly to mine
From out of the darkness you drew up to me

I am wanting to share your fire within
I don't know you, or where you came from
why should I let you into my bed

As your arms and legs intertwine with mine
I feel the heat of your loins and the taste of your mouth
I try to withdraw, but I am unsuccessful

You attacked my neck for the very first time
Making heated passionate love
you took my life right at the explosion we shared

How can there be any greater orgasm than this

Lying in your arms, I am going into the abyss
New life is surging with in my soul
Bloodless and seemingly heartless, I jerk back to you

Savoring the touch, feeling and erotica that you bring
I know now this was more than a one night fling
Bound together for the eternities, We love like rabbits in heat

never again seeing the light of day, but OH THE NIGHTS.



Author Notes
Sometimes my muse takes me into the night.
I love vampires and recently found that a dear friend did too, so with her in mind, I wrote this.
If you find it creepy, then don't read it,
but I loved the artwork that inspired her into my mind


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