- 'Simplicity' or just simple ?by alexgardiner
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I feel happy today
'Simplicity' or just simple ? by alexgardiner
listen to this poem as you read.

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I feel happy today
so easy I guess ,it is to say.
Happiness is just a state of mind.
yet for some, very hard to find.

What of tomorrow you ask?
well, that is too hard a task.
What of the next day,
that too I am not quite au-fait.

What is happiness you ask?
well that is quite a rewarding task.
Well ,one should give it a try you say,
ok, let's start with today.

For me it is 5 AM to rise,
with a sad face you might surmise.
No ! not me, 5 is the best part of any day,
that's when sunny ,not dismal grey.

I dream a dream of work to do,
for all of this day my thoughts now accrue.
I grow violets, now my face expects,
Beautiful colours for me to inspect.

With these happy thoughts my day begins,
shower shave and ? Imaginations.
Now, poetic thoughts enter my inner muse,
start positive never think of don'ts and do's.

Simple things make for happy thoughts,
they are the things that cannot be bought.
A cup of tea and honey on toast,
a pleasure that always gives the most.

Working with beautiful blooms,
Shining their light to fill the room.
My thoughts slip down to a lower gear,
Of my sculptures and poems I hold so dear.

Oh my, how happy can one person be,
other thoughts I can now clearly see.
My Bonny Wife and my daughter too,
about all things they are and what they do.

They make me so happy and VERY proud,
Happiness you see is there for you, all around,
Relax, see the Wee Wee things which are abound.

The day for me does not end, when I go to bed,
my happy brain now requires to be fed.
For when I lay my head down to sleep,
all my days happiness ,my dreams will keep.

It's now 5 AM again and a new happiness to be gained,
Violets, blooms, poems, my loves all start again.
You see happiness starts with a frame of mind,
simplicity , your loves and all things kind.

The Auld Yin.


Author Notes
Listen to this poem as you read.

Blue Fire violet by the Auld Yin.


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