- To be gayby Jackarrie
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The dilemma of the tormented gay community
To be gay by Jackarrie

So who cares if it's out that you're gay
I guess it's the way you want to stay
I'm sure it was hard for you to reveal
Who you are, and how you feel

You may stand out from the rest
But you are an individual, you do your best
You say you are proud to be gay
And given a choice, it could be no other way

I applaud you my friend, and hope that you live
Just as you want, with lots of love to give.
You want to be yourself, to be understood
To come out from the dark, to this cruel world

Wanting to attract only good in your life
Not to be judged by the hypocrites holding a knife
If God could speak from above
He would never condemn this love



Author Notes
One of my very first poem I have edited.


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