- My Right To Write At Nightby alexisleech
This work has reached the exceptional level
So annoying when you can't sleep!
My Right To Write At Night by alexisleech

As I lay in bed the other night, my mind with words awash
I wondered should I write them down? Or in my bed I’ll toss
An hour passed by, and finally I grasped the meaning of addiction
As I stumbled through the darkness to my laptop in the kitchen
That mission done I did return, but sleep was not forthcoming
Two cups of tea had passed through me to activate my plumbing!
So up I got and wrote some more. God, please give me a break!
It’s only poetry, I thought. Who cares, for goodness sake?
At half past three I realised my actions were sheer madness
and if my kids could see me now, their hearts would fill with sadness
‘She’s lost the plot!’ I wouldn’t doubt are words I’d hear them say
She now spends nights before a screen, and sleeps for half the day!
Such irony, I’ve got to say, for when they were in their teens
Their nights were spent in cyber space, their lessons spent in dreams
So, sorry Kids, it’s my time now, the tables have been turned
My right to write whene'er I like is well and truly earned!


Author Notes
I thought I would post this poem I wrote when I couldn't sleep one night because poems kept popping into my head! I'm glad to say it's a rare occurrence!


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