- A Gnome's New Homeby Cindy Warren
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A Gnome's New Home by Cindy Warren
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I met a hungry little gnome
When I chanced to step upon his home.
"I'm very sorry, Sir," I said
As he stomped and howled and turned beet red.
"I truly didn't mean to harm,
There's no need for such alarm.
I've brought along a tasty treat;
Would you like some pie to eat?"
Gnomes are really rather small,
To my surprise he ate it all.

Then he looked at me as if in pain
Saying "can't you see it's going to rain?"
The sky looked clear and blue to me,
But I felt as guilty as could be.
I said "you must come home with me tonight,
Tomorrow I will make this right.
I really wouldn't see you hurt
In a house made of twigs and dirt.
Come with me and share my stew,
Come morning I'll build a house for you."

Now he eats my food and drinks my wine,
He says he likes it here just fine.
My woeful words you must believe,
He never, ever wants to leave.
He had me fooled, I think it's plain,
We never did get that rain.
Gnomes are imps, and imps can curse;
I wouldn't want to make things worse.
So should you chance to meet a gnome,
Never, never take him home!



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