- The Walking Deadby Roxanna Andrews
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What's with Zombies?
The Walking Dead by Roxanna Andrews

There is a show on TV called "The Walking Dead." It's very popular. I've seen it. It's about zombies walking around, trying to kill and eat people. Great family entertainment. I can't watch much of it because all the blood and guts make me sick.

What happened to make them the walking dead? If they are dead how can they be walking?

If I were dead and had to be out hunting down humans, I'd get a car. Those guys look like they're having a hard time walking anyway. Walking around dead must take a lot out of you. I'd definitely get a car, or maybe a motorcycle. You could go as fast as you want because who's going to give a ticket to a zombie?

The thing that's really weird about zombies is, you can kill them. How do you kill something that is already dead? I don't really understand that. But zombie killers always have big guns, and they have to shoot the zombie a bunch of time. They eventually fall down dead, again.

In a lot of these zombie movies, the walking dead are usually the only ones out and about. Everyone else is hiding, usually in a bedroom with a bunch of other people. They are always on the floor watching the doors and windows for a zombie attack.

Since everyone is hiding and no one is minding the stores, as a zombie, wouldn't you help yourself to something a lot nicer than rags? I would. I'd find a nice mall and help myself to a little Versace, or Michael Kors, or Dolce & Gabbana. I sure wouldn't be going around in rags. Maybe a nice pair of Jimmy Choo's and a Coach bag to match.

I saw on Ebay that you can buy a Zombie Survival Kit. I don't know what's in it, maybe an extra face since the zombies are always eating someone's off. Probably some big guns, and a note that says, "Get out of there, you idiot!" Because if you are living where there are zombies, someone needs to tell you to get the heck out of Dodge.

It's weird that our society is so into zombies. What started this zombies, vampires, all this dead come back to life stuff?

Maybe people are hoping that they don't have to stay dead once they die. They can come back as a vampire or a zombie. Now that's something to really look forward to, but maybe it brings a bit of comfort to think death isn't really death.

Well I know of One who came back from the dead and He didn't come back as a zombie or vampire. He came back so that we wouldn't have to face death and punishment. He came back from the dead to give us life, hope, peace, and a sence of worth and purpose.

So if you are afraid of death and you're hoping to be a vampire or a zombie one day, I have a much better idea. Jesus died so you wouldn't have to, He doesn't want zombies, the walking dead. He wants to give abundant life, one full of promise. So if you are thinking of buying one of those Zombie Survival Kits, I have a better idea, buy a bible instead. It's the original survival guide.


Author Notes
I wrote this for my blog but was sure you would all want to read it too. =}


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