- Happy New Yearby alexgardiner
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Oh such a grand time of year,
Happy New Year by alexgardiner

Nearly time for that Amber fluid taste,
a night to enjoy and not to waste.
Auld years night this Hogmanay,
a night to reminisce and to be au-fait.

To remember, to peruse the year,
an' get auld year's night in top gear.
Get the house ship-shape an' spick an' spam,
food a plenty, turkey, chook an' Boiled ham.

Oh such a grand time of year,
look forward to the next and not to fear.
This night is a night to be enjoyed with fun,
first foot with whisky, coal, an' a wee bit black bun.

So I wish you all a very Happy and prosperous new Year,
you FanStory poets I hold so dear.
Sae aw you yins oot there my amber fluid 'I Toast',
noo ah wull press Enter an' this wee poem ah post.

The Ald Yin.


Author Notes
Picture of an' authentic Aussie Haggis an' wee peepin' bairn.


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