- No Such Luck by Justin Chopin
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No Such Luck by Justin Chopin

No Such Luck

If you believe in luck.

Then I feel sorry for you.

Because you've gotten your mind stuck.

Into a world old fables and folktales that aren't true.

A rabbit's foot is a rabbit's foot, nothing more.

Seven-year broken mirrors are just a fabrication.

Ladders and black cats are too stagnant to be a bore.

All of these old world things you take to be facts

Are just the results of an unamused culture's insidious imagination.

So please start living your life.

And pay no attention to what the Irish or the fortune tellers say.

Don't let them make you view everything with skeptical strife.

Because God has created a beautiful scene.

With violets, daffodils, and grasses of green.

Bestowed upon you to celebrate this day.

So please just relax your heart mind and soul.

Get those wicked superstitions out of your psyche.

And give yourself to Jesus and let Him be in control.

For He is the Lord, strong and Mighty.


Author Notes
My beliefs that luck is stupid and the rituals things that people use like Rabbits foots , charms , or whatever is based on a bunch of superstitions that have no real base in reality. The basic theme of this poem is live by faith in God and not the luck of the world.


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