- The Little Boyby Warren Rodgers
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Modified Kyrielle sonnet, the child inside us all
Poems From a Silent Voice
: The Little Boy by Warren Rodgers
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A little boy peered out from his disguise
Intrigued by all the wares he saw displayed
With boyish wonder searching from his eyes
Recalling memories he'd never trade

The clerk then asked could she help him decide
Inside, he thumbed through chapters old and grayed
A wrinkled smile was all that he replied
Recalling memories he'd never trade

The treasures harkened back through golden times
When life was slow and happiness homemade
Departing with his cane, the doorbells chimed
Recalling memories he'd never trade

A little boy peered out from his disguise
Recalling memories he'd never trade.


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Author Notes
The form of this poem is a modified Kyrielle Sonnet. It is usually written in Iambic tetrameter but I have modified it to iambic pentameter. The last line of the first stanza is repeated as the last line of each four-line stanza. The closing couplet comes from the first and last lines of the first stanza. The rhyme scheme is usually: AabB ccbB ddbB AB OR (as I have written my poem) AbaB cbcB dbdB AB.
I am also using minimal punctuation in my poem.

Many thanks to avmurray for he beautiful artwork.


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