- Faith Definedby Suzie Q
This work has reached the exceptional level
The many aspects of what faith means to me
Faith Defined by Suzie Q
Faith Poetry Contest contest entry

Faith Defined

It surpasses all logic and reason
and defies any shadow of doubt
It comforts regardless of season
and brings abundance to those without

It illuminates the darkest night
and quenches a fiery blaze
It wins the battle without a fight
and works in mysterious ways

It conquers the fear of a dreaded foe
and eliminates chaos and strife
It gives a seed the power to grow
and brings peace to a troubled life

It's the substance of unwavering hope
and the evidence of things unseen
It provides us with the strength to cope
It's the rock on which I lean

It stills the ocean with a simple command
and walks on a raging sea
It builds a fortress with a grain of sand
and calms the storm in me


Author Notes
Faith has gotten me through so much in my life. This is my attempt to pay tribute to it.


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