- Don't Look Back ever!!by G.B. Smith
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You are somebody special
Don't Look Back ever!! by G.B. Smith

The past is past and today is all there is

Tomorrow may never come so live each day fully

One never knows when this day might be the last

Surround yourself with happy enthusiastic people

When people try to put you down move away from them

Happiness is contagious bring it with you where ever you roam

Remembering that you are a child of God and He doesn't make junk

Time after time people will gravitate to you because you are happy

Think of all the people on whom your life has had a positive effect

You are somebody special you have all these new talents yet to be discovered

Today is your birthday stay happy because tomorrow you get to have another one

You can't look back you just have to put the past behind you

and find something better in your future



Author Notes
I love happy outgoing, enthusiastic people. If I can brighten your day, I am going to try even when I write scary stuff. Have a magnificent week


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