- A Peaceful Placeby dejohnsrld (Debbie)
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Description of an Outdoor Scene
A Peaceful Place by dejohnsrld (Debbie)

By the flowing water of the stream, I am at peace. The movement of the water cleanses my inner turmoil, washing it away. It carries me to a place where I am one with nature, and comfortable spiritually. I feel relaxed and content to walk alongside the stream, listening to the call of the birds and hearing the rustle of leaves as a doe with her fawn passes by.

Finding a large, flat rock to relax on, I sit mesmerized by the waters' flow. I toss in a pebble and watch the concentric rings created by the splash. This reminds me of skipping rocks when I was a child. I smell the dampness of the earth and feel the fall breeze as the trees ever so gently move.

I am one with nature and with my own authenticity. I am at peace with the world. Possibilities here are endless, and dreams free for the taking.


Author Notes
Thanks to jgrace for the awesome artwork!!!


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