- If I Should Wake Before I Dieby fionageorge
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To my husband George...
What You Mean To Me.
: If I Should Wake Before I Die by fionageorge
    Love Poem Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

If I should wake before I die
I'll take the time to say goodbye
I'll let you know how much I care
Appreciate that you were there

If I should wake before too long
I'll let you know that I am strong
I did the best that I could do
And it was all because of you

If I should wake from coma deep
I'll let you know that in my sleep
I sensed your presence and your love
'twas you that I was dreaming of

If I should wake at all my dear
I'll hold you close and dry your tear
For though my time is at an end
You are my love, my life, my friend

If I should die before I wake
Your essence and your love I'll take
Within my soul as I depart
And wrap myself around your heart

Forever Love ...

Love Poem Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
I wrote this poem back in 2011. This was inspired by a book I was reading entitled: 'If I Should Die Before I Wake', by Andrea Dworkin.

The title made me think... 'What if, for whatever reason, I was in a coma, and I hadn't said what I wanted to say to the love of my life. What would I want my loved one to know?

These things should be said while we can, but do we really think about saying them on a daily basis?

I have revived this as the first chapter in my book entitled, 'What You Mean To Me'. I plan to write a poem or piece of prose to all the people who are, or have been, important to me throughout my life.

I revived this poem, instead of writing a new poem, as I think it totally says what I want to say to my husband... I don't think I could write another poem which will say it better...

Australian English

Thank you so much, Angelheart, for the stunning artwork entitled, 'The Call'. The mystical beauty of this art spoke to me.


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