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: More than one child by wierdgrace

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The first baby boy made his appearance into the earth planet at 11:35, he was blonde and healthy, a beautiful boy.

Ten minutes later the next arrived, another boy, a duplicate of the first.

Six were born and exactly alike, all boys, not even one mark on them to tell the difference. The girl had carried thirty-pounds of just babies.

The calls went out the next morning to six different parents waiting for a newborn child; none of them knew others had been born.

The girl did not know, she asked the next morning, "What was it?"

"A boy," the nurse answered, that was all.

"When can I go home?"

"Three days sure, you are healthy."

So the man also unknowing about the six births, picked her up, gave her six weeks off, but she earned the rest by waiting on the others.

The magnificent birth of six percent babies being born and all healthy was kept a secret, no one knew, not even the six parents the babies were sold to.

Four went to all parts of the United States, Texas, California, Oregon and Florida, the other two, were sold to England and the last one to France.

All the adopted parents were thrilled when handed the beautiful babies by their attorneys. This was one of the largest black markets on babies in the world and it had been going on for years.

They had their own hospitals in different states and nurses to take these newborn babies by plane to whatever city the attorneys had arranged an adoption.


Author Notes
first draft, hope you are reading it all, enjoy


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