- gyoji haiku (mind clutter)by vickib
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Clear Day celebration
gyoji haiku (mind clutter) by vickib
gyoji haiku contest entry

mind clutter
no room for insight
toss out trash 


Author Notes
I hope I'm not judged by what I chose to research, but by the haiku itself. I think if it's positive and healthy for people, how can we argue with that? I also listed it under, self improvement not religion as there are too many conflicting ideas about it. Scientology also works with prisoners to help them start over and clear their minds of negative things.
September 4th - Clear Day is considered a holiday marking the inaugeration of Ron Hubbards clearing course begining in 1965. Scientology
Teaching how to clear your mind of all past painful thoughts, and function in a clear state of mind.
Although much more complicated in full, I have tried to put this in laymans terms as a general explanation of this day of celebration in scientology.
Scientology is a controversial religion that I don't promote or condone. I just researched it out of curiosity, and for this contest.
Please see contest rules for more information. Syllable count is short - long - short no exact syllable count determined in rules just that a 5/7/5 is considered long for a haiku. This is 11 syllables, 3/5/3 We are suppose to research a non Christian holiday.


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