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Anagram Contest Entry - 144 words
Messy Business by fionageorge
Anagrams galore contest entry

was pleased
an hour had elapsed since he saw Lydia.

His meagre salary was never enough for her. She had some nerve to demand he cook her steak. He'd rather have bread with Debra, even though she had a beard, than daily skate on thin ice with Lydia.

He was  seated when Debra teased him about his taste. Her state of mind reacted when he bared his night thing. They were on the tram heading to the mart.

He tried to act sedate, but she saw the stain he had created  on her satin shirt.
Who did that?” Lydia asked. “How did it happen?”

“I donated blood, and atoned for my sins.”

“I presume you now believe you are supreme!”

“I won the extra stripe, the priest told me. I own it.”

She deliberated, then decided she’d rather go out with Eddie Albert.

Author Notes
Who likes anagrams?

Write a short story (maximum 150 words) or a poem of any type, containing a minimum of three anagrams (I used 19 - can you find them all?)

Complication: each anagram can be used with as many translations as you can find.
However, the minimum required is the original word and one translation.

144 words.

Thank you to Glass i for the use of your funny picture. It so reflects the silliness of this bit of nonsense.


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