- Dream Landby wierdgrace
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Step's into another world
Ghost Town USA
: Dream Land by wierdgrace

So now, Wilma went over and looked up the big flight of stairs. Some stairs were broken and others missing; the handrail was loose, but she decided to look up there.

She carefully made her way up the broken steps and got to the first floor. Worse than the main floor, all the doors to the bedroom hung off their hinges, or no door at all.

It was one terrible mess. She kept feeling a pull inside her and kept walking down the long hallway. She headed for a door she saw, and found it was tightly shut.

The door was not like the rest. It looked like solid Oak, and there was no sign of wear and deterioration like the rest of the place. Wilma paused, then hesitatingly put her hands on the doorknob and turned it.

The door opened and Wilma was in complete shock as a cool breeze came out of the room. As she stepped inside, the door behind her closed, and lights went on in little lamps that looked like candles inside. It was cool and beautiful in there.

Her feet sank into the deep pile of the rug. She saw a canopied bed with white lace. The bedspread was hand knitted and a blue material showed through. There was a little nightstand, an antique rocker, all with crocheted arms and backs on the rocker and chairs, where you would lay your head. She could not believe this, after all she seen in the town.

Then a voice came from a door that opened into another room.

A young voice, a happy voice, said, "Come in, I have been waiting for you."

Wilma walked over to the door and looked into the eyes of the most beautiful girl she had ever seen.

The girl looked like she was in her teens, with curly blonde hair all around her head, like a "Halo" and cascading down her back and over her shoulders, with the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

She had on a flowing robe that covered her from her neck to her feet like a cloud.

A table was set for two and the smell of fresh perked coffee was in the air.

"Sit down Wilma, breakfast is almost ready," the girl said.

Wilma, as though in a dream, walked over and sat in one of the high back chairs at the table.

When she could get her breath, she said, "
Who are you? Where did you come from?"

"I am Lillian, now eat as we will be going to work pretty soon," answered her hostess.

She set a plate with eggs and bacon, crisp fried potatoes and toast all in front of Wilma. With no more questions for now, she ate, and drank her coffee out of an antique coffee mug.

"You were hungry. I am glad you like my cooking. I always eat breakfast up here in the quiet of my rooms. You know how it is downstairs." Lillian said. She was daintily eating as she talked.

Then music drifted up, as if from below, and Lillian said, "Oh, we have to hurry, the crowd is arriving. I will go get dressed, your outfit is on the bed and you do need a bath, it's so dusty outside." As she talked she pointed to another door.

Wilma questioned her, "I want to ask you some questions, if I may?"

"No time now," Lillian answered, "We will have plenty of time later."

Therefore, Wilma got up, as if in a dream and went into the room Lillian was pointing to. It had another Canopy bed. On the floor, there were towels laid out, a huge iron tub or vat all filled with warm water.

Laid out on the bed were clothes like those that dancing girl's wore in times long ago. The slippers and all. Wilma pulled off her dusty clothes and sank into the warm water.

She was washing with a perfumed soap when the door opened and Lillian stood there in a short skirt, tights and slippers, and said, "I am all ready so I will go on down. Come down when you are dressed and I will introduce you and show you the ropes," and she was gone.

Wilma pinched herself and she could feel it. Surely all this had to be a dream. She thought of the downstairs with the dirt and broken furniture. She asked herself, "How could this be happening?"

So she quickly finished bathing and put on the clothes that lay on the bed. They fit her perfectly. She felt like a fool in this outfit but a long mirror showed her a girl she had never seen before.

She hurried to the outside door and opened it. A blast of music met her ears from downstairs. Guitars, Piano and Drums. She could make out the different instruments as she heard the music.

The terrible hall she had been in an hour ago was all transformed, new rugs; the large staircase was like new. She walked over and looked over the balcony; there were crowds of people below.

Miners were coming in the door, all laughing, and talking. A scene out of the past. Lillian was greeting them all. Now there were more girls in the same costume. Lillian looked up, saw Wilma, and waved to her to come down. So she, moving as if in a dream, descended the stairs into the crowded room below.


Author Notes
A dream back in time, enjoy, I am working on spags and past and present right now, so enjoy for now. thank you fanstorians


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