- Slow Dancingby Seraphim Delphinium
This work has reached the exceptional level
free form contest entry without rhyme
Slow Dancing by Seraphim Delphinium
Personification: A Winter Blue Moon contest entry
Artwork by eileen0204 at

Blue moon's slow and voluptuous rise,
bathes night sky in nautical light.
Sugar-spun threads of delicate silk
decorate her alluring breast.

Her fullness sheer slips over my skin,
wrapping my shoulders in softest satin.
Tender whispers devour my breath,
as her hands secretly slide beneath my chest.

Unbuttoning, softly touching me
with her cool, yet inviting caress,
she compels me to completely undress
and dance naked in her soothing
calm and eternal embrace.

We dance...



Author Notes
Many thanks to Eileen0204 for the accompanying beautiful art.


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