- You Had No Right!by Teri7
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You Had No Right! by Teri7
Artwork by VMarguarite at

"Daddy, why did you hurt me so?"
Lonely was I every way I would go.
I wanted a daddy to love, not hate.
In my eyes you never did rate.

As far back as I remember you touched me wrong!
Growing up I felt I didn't belong.
As a teenager riding to school with you,
I would hide in the back seat so no one knew.

"Daddy, why did you have to die on me?"
I finally got married and felt I was free!
I hated you for so many years, you know?
You messed with my life during the years I should grow.

I finally knelt down and forgave you of this sin.
I was glad you could never hurt me again.
I don't know the plans God has for me.
I hope you made peace  in heaven, so the new you I will see.

Written by: Teresa A. Shortess


Author Notes
Thank you VMarguarite for the wonderful artwork. There was no age limit. As far as I can remember I was one that he abused. I am thankful that I can't remember it all. He was in the military and something made him mess up really bad. As a child I didn't understand it at all. This is all very true. Thanks for reading and reviewing. God bless. Teri


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