- I Ran (Me in a nut~shell)by LovnPeace
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I Ran (Me in a nut~shell) by LovnPeace
Me hard at work today and happy.

I Loved Jesus from aged five
in an orphanage

I ran
With decades of abuse and rejection
the mental abuse being the worse
the weight of it finally shattered
my delicate foundation and
I committed a Cardinal sin
I ran
Held captive for so long
a savage screamed inside
and outside of me literally
insanity was winning my war
wanting escape at any cost
I ran
I began bartering my only ass~set
Never sold
at least someone wanted me
it was worse than nothing
if possible
begging God's forgiveness
I ran
Damnation and destruction
trapped me
in darkness and self~loathing
repeating my degredation
I proved my unworthiness
I ran
Gradually through His~Grace
and hard work within myself
I began to climb out of my hell
feeling like it took an eternity
to ease~up on my wretched soul
I ran yes
For many more years searching
as I learned I applied
what little I could grasp
helpful people began to show
it amazed me anyone cared
I ran slower
I have been given many miracles
so many wonderful people
have touched my life
a Higher Power held me up
till I could embrace my esteem


I no longer need
To run


Author Notes
A sweet lady found this in my portfolio and brought it back to me. Amazing, caring lady, named lyenocka. God Bless you.

Looking at the date this was written, it was on my youngest daughter's birthday. The same year she later died. She took my heart with her.

I wish there was a way to thank the many special people who have been instrumental in my finding myself and peace of mind.
After many long years of abuse by those I loved and trusted it wasn't easy to love and trust again.

The world I wanted so badly to leave at one time is beautiful and so many wonderful people in it are also. It is how God works in our lives, through each other. Thank you all where~ever you are. To the friends in FanStory also, who have touched me so dearly, inspired and encouraged me. I love you. And to the man who gave me the finale push and unconditional love to recognize my worth I will always love you and be grateful.


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