- The Legend of Billy Bowfish by Tina Crute
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How Billy Bowfish got his name
The Legend of Billy Bowfish by Tina Crute
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Long ago, in history,
in a village undersea,
lived a fish with quite the issue
that required a great big tissue.
No one had a nose like he!
Billy Bowfish, legend goes,
had a most enormous nose.
To detract from its attention,
Billy needed an invention.
He would make his nose some clothes!
Swimming to the fabric store,
Billy swam right in the door.
Spying cloth of every color,
he was happy to discover
possibilities galore!
"Shall I make my nose a hat?
What would my nose think of that?
A coat or pants, I do suppose
could hide my very jumbo nose.
I could make a tie, in fact!"
"A tie it is! I'll create
ties of every size and shape."
Choosing denim, plaid and others
he chose fabric in all colors,
then swam home beneath the weight.
So, Billy cut, Billy sewed,
worked in an excited mode.
Billy worked with so much passion
thinking of a nose in fashion,
looking good as it was blowed.
Finally, his ties were done.
He had made one-hundred one.
"Oh, my stars! I made too many.
I could share them. I have plenty!
Giving will be so much fun."
Billy's reason for the ties
was to make a nose disguise.
But, instead he found good purpose
can be found beneath one's surface.
Billy was becoming wise.
All his friends that lived nearby
saw a gleam in Billy's eye.
He was happier than ever
sharing ties with fish all over.
Billy Bowfish, what a guy!
Though he made ties that mattered,
fashion ties, ones that flattered,
His name was known for so much more.
His heart was loving, beating pure
for others,  pitter-patter.

Writing Prompt
Write a silly rhyming poem about a fish that wears a bow tie. The rhyme scheme should be AABBA.
Contest Winner


Author Notes
This poem stems from the contest prompt but I also recently learned that a fish, the Bowfin, is only born male and has a bladder that breathes air. It is a surviving species from prehistoric times. I thought the bowfin must be pretty resourceful. This influenced Billy Bowfish's story. Hope you enjoyed:)


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