- Poet's Prayerby Gypsy Blue Rose
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Yamato Uta Poem for the Japanese Poetry Club
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: Poet's Prayer by Gypsy Blue Rose

God hear my prayer
the prayer of my  heart
you never judge
what dwells in my thoughts

you hear my mind's 
lightning and thunder
and you quiet my storms

bless my spirit
where you abide

bless my pens and paper
bless the words I write

may they be beautiful
in your sight

may they be seen
by people not yet born

and when I 'm dust
may my children 
say these words

"she was a voice
for the unheard
and art was the language
of her soul"

Author Notes
Yamato uta is a Japanese poetry form written in FREE VERSE which means no rules or rhyme and it can be as long as you like. Poets created THE YAMATO UTA POEM during the Heian Period 700 century. Yamato-uta are composed of many words born from people's hearts, as leaves grow from seeds. People use these words to express their thoughts about what they see or hear. click here if you want to read more

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