- You are the Oneby Janet Foor
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A Morning Sonnet
You are the One by Janet Foor
Sonnet Poetry Contest contest entry
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Warm golden sun arises high to shine
As shadows simply fade and  disappear.
That glow of warmth transcends to say you're mine
And brings a smile whenever you are near.

There's peace and love in morning melodies
As songbirds sing and fill my soul with sounds.
These cherished tunes and soaring harmonies
Bring joy that greets the dawn where love abounds.

But in the glow, I see a transient dream,
Reflected in the haze of restless sleep.
My heart beats faster at the fleeting theme
Before the haze dissolves into the deep.

Without a doubt, I know you are the one,
You are my morning and my setting sun.



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