- Borrowing Enslavesby Esther Brown
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Lessons on lending and borrowing
Borrowing Enslaves by Esther Brown
Borrowing Etiquette writing prompt entry

What to do, what to do.
Angry at me, angry at you.
I'm sorry it's broken. Me too.

Best not to borrow.
Bitter words spoken
Bring only sorrow.

Loaned too much money,
No one can pay, not funny.
At what cost, friendships are lost.

No one intended to lose or break it.
No one intended to take it and not repay it.
Best not to lend, especially to a friend.
Don't loan or relationship may end.

Borrowing: Take and use something that belongs to someone else with the intention of returning.
Lending: Allowing the use with agreement to return to the lender.

Deuteronomy 15:6 Lend to many but borrow from none.
Prov 22:7 Borrower is slave of the lender.

My financially stable elder son asked his mentally ill brother for $20,000. When my granddaughter died he did not have enough money for the funeral expenses. No one prepares for the sudden death of a seven-year-old. His brother had a settlement in the amount of $20,000 from a motor vehicle accident. It was in a savings account and I was the conservator of the account due to his brother's disability. His brother and I agreed and the check was written without hesitation. With no expectations of immediate repayment. The possible loss of money meant nothing when compared with the loss of her life.

The next April I got notice that I had to go to court in front of a judge to account for my actions.
I do yearly accounting as a conservator and mistakenly thought it would be no problem. Panicked, I called my older son who immediately reloaded the account so I could prove to the judge it had already been repaid. He makes good money but it was not likely he had the money just waiting. I was grateful. I got receipts from the bank, wrote a lawyer-type letter explaining the situation and took it to court with me. The judge was merciful and let me off with a warning.

So what can you lend? It depends on your values. If I love you and you have a need I can give anything to you and expect no return.
What can I borrow? I don't like to borrow. I would rather do without it than ask to borrow it.

Writing Prompt

Borrowed items should be returned promptly and in good condition. Entertain your readers with a poem (or short story) of something that was borrowed. Fiction or nonfiction.

This is an unmoderated contest, but if you opt for prose instead of poetry please keep your entry to 500 words max. Include notes if helpful to give context for nonfiction entries, and to amplify the humor.

Author Notes
This is a true story and occurred after Missing My Munchkin story posted earlier.


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