- Feeding the Ducksby BethShelby
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A Lyle and Rufus tale.
Feeding the Ducks by BethShelby
    Dialogue Only Writing Contest Contest Winner 

Lyle, you ever wonder if there might be somethin’ better you and me could be a doing' with our time. We been comin’ here n’ sitting on the same damn bench for nigh until 12 years. I think even them ducks might be getting tired uh lookin' at our ugly mugs. 
Rufus, what you’se sayin is you getin’ tired a hangin’ round me every day. Them ducks might starve to death if we didn’t feed em. You got sumpin better to be doin’, you go right ahead. I ain’t a stoppin’ ya.

Thar ye go gittin' all worked up. I ain’t got no problem wit you. I’s jus been thankin' maybe the two of us could do sumpin' to brang in a little more income. That goven’mt check ain’t gittin' it lately.
Tell me what you got in mind that don’t involve no work. I gave up on that back when the lumber yard said it was gettin' time for us to retire. We put in our time. I'm pretty content. I'll just eat a little less if I have to.
Maybe, we could get one of them phone thangs that everybody carries around. It’s got a computer `tached to it. I hear tell some people makin' good money with them phones.
Well, if you countin' on me, you can forget that. In the first place, they don’t give them thangs away, and after that, you got to pay to use `em. Then what you going to do with it when you got it? Everybody and his neighbor gonna know where you are and be a  wantin'somethin'. Why do you think I come here to this here park in the first place? It ain't jus to feast on yer beauty. I need to get away from people whats always a needin'sumpin'.
Looks like you shot that idea down purty dern quick. Looka yonder. Here come them ducks. I guess what you be sayin' is feeding ducks is about all us old men is good for. But dang it!, Rufus, if them groceries keep on a goin'up, they ain't gonna be no bread crumbs left. We gonna need a govern’t grant for duck food. Maybe we can name these here ducks and list em as our kids we is still having to support.
Now you thankin', Lyle, you might want to try that. I'll see how it works for ya. 
Dialogue Only Writing Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Rufus and Lyle are neighbours and friends. They worked for a local lumber company until they reached retirement age. They show up at the park daily with thermos of coffee and a bag of bread crumbs for the ducks.


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