- Clues to a Successful Woo by Tom Horonzy
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Clues to a Successful Woo by Tom Horonzy

It's important to be selective
for a woo to be effective
for a guy can't get too subjective
if he's to reach his prime objective.
To start, I suggest you wink an eye,
somewhat overtly yet  subtly disguised
amicably with an amorous quality
like a flower is to a passing bee.
Try to judge how she reacts.
Is she startled or struck aback?
If she smiles, return her grin
to be on your way to a win.
Saunter forward casually.
Standing tall, assuredly.
Speak slowly with purpose.
Avoid getting nervous.
Utter who you are,
while saying, "from afar,
'you're everything I dreamt of;
before awakening fully in love."
Then, let nature take its course
as you employ a tour de force
 opening doors and being a man,
kissing softly and holding hands,
always asking, never demanding
to mutually sculpt understanding
each other as friends and lovers.
And by the way, this worked for me.

Author Notes
The photo is my own, and it seems fitting for this post which hasn't a contest available for entry, so I have posted it ala carte.


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