- Mrs. McLump and Sir Meowyby CrystieCookie999
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Rhymed poem on story Mrs. McLump takes Sir Meowy to Tea
Mrs. McLump and Sir Meowy by CrystieCookie999
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Mrs. McLump just grinned at people when they stopped to stare
while taking five or twenty cats to teatime ev'rywhere.
Her gabby friend, Miss Adeline, invited her that day,
and added, "Just bring one small cat. I've only made one tray
of luscious crab cakes, plus some salmon patties for our tea."
Mrs. McLump accepted, put on rouge most happily,
and made a choice, convinced her fine Sir Meowy would adore
a cup of catnip chamomile with tuna petit fours.
Miss Adeline was gracious. "Come on in, my darling friends!"
The ladies chatted while Sir Meowy played with odds and ends,
then used his claws to slash each pillow, acting like a pest.
Miss Adeline was horrified and did her level best
to notify her friend her "clawful" cat had better cease.
"I know you won't de-claw Sir Meowy, but just stop him, please!"
So Mrs. McLump laid down the law. "No claws! No teeth! No marks!
You'd better settle down, or no more jaunts to city parks."
Sir Meowy yawned; he'd had his fill of salmon and crab cakes
and closed his eyes to take a nap, not dwell on past mistakes.


Author Notes
Illustration from royalty free search on Internet
Vocabulary: petit fours (sounds like PEDD-ee FOUR) a very small fancy cake, cookie, cake, or confection, often made with marzipan
This is the third poem about Mrs. McLump and her cats, mainly featuring Sir Meowy. The first two poems are currently submitted to a state poetry contest and national contest. If they don't win in those contests, I'll post them here later in April, May, or June.


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