- Sierra Nevada Mountain Sunsetby CrystieCookie999
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Free Verse Poem about Sunset
Sierra Nevada Mountain Sunset by CrystieCookie999
Free Form Poetry Contest contest entry

Where demure white violets blush
under sunset's grandiose gold
near Antelope Valley,
Topaz Lake with its reservoir
full of rainbow trout
reflects more colors
of the sun's changing mood.
A thoughtful haze
may hug the foothills,
under luscious layers
of towering thunderheads.
Giant red Indian Paintbrush glows
like scarlet scion of this evening's view.
Brown-barrel cones grow upright
on aromatic incense-cedars,
marked by reddish-brown bark,
peeling on wide trunks.
A few pronghorn antelope peer out
between jutting Jeffrey pine trees,
which grow tall and reserved
as British guards.
Every composition of this sunset
lives in a memory,
collected in Nature's soul.


Author Notes
Photo from royalty-free web search
The Sierra Nevada Mountains are on the border between the state of Nevada and the state of California in the United States of America.
Indian Paintbrush is a wild flower with kind of pointed petals.


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