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seek rather inner beauty and you will shine.
Scary Stuff by tempeste
Essence poem contest writing prompt entry

for Christ sake , age with grace
avoid a fake botched face

Writing Prompt
Write an essence poem. This is a poem of two lines with six syllables per line, each containing an internal rhyme and an ending rhyme. See the announcement for an example.

Author Notes
Age naturally, would be better.

I can't believe these women paid skilled doctors/surgeons to turn them into ........ be free to fill in space.

Priscilla Presley ...I think Elvis would get a scare if he saw his wife now.
Madonna .. it doesn't even look like her... fillers, Botox, plastic surgery... she got children, why don't they talk some sense into her?

Donatella Versace.. I think camel eye lashes are beautiful but their lips not so much.


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