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True love
Fields by Lisasview
    Light and Sweet Contest Winner 

Lavender fields fill my visions of you ...
longing your safe arrival home to me,
knowing our love will remain always true;
stand, watching as tall waves drift out to thee.
Hard rain appeared at once with no warning;
my worries of you become uncontrolled ...
taking deep breaths as night becomes morning,
watching as the moon changes yellow to gold.
Suddenly, from a distance boat sails appear;
now, I yell to the sky, "Dear God, thank you!"
His boat swaying about, as without fear ...
my true love is saved 'gainst dark ocean spew.
Kisses tell my story from long ago,
when a sailor left for the open sea ...
never knowing if my true love would show,
awaiting patiently for only he.

Writing Prompt
Write a romance poem in any style. The theme is light and sweet. Minimum 8 lines. Maximum 16 lines.
Light and Sweet
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Exactly 16 lines as per the maximum for this contest.
Rhyming Quatrains in 10-Count

I wrote this poem with thoughts of true love and what it means.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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