- Climax-The summit. by Jonadab Ezerie
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As we reach the summit, our bodies take flight.
Climax-The summit. by Jonadab Ezerie

In flames of passion, a thrill profound
A feeling that holds, like waves that surround
A spark of desire, a buildup within
A blast of ecstasy, where pleasures begin.
In the throes of passion, our souls aspire,
In this sacred act, where souls conspire,
With every gasp, a language we speak,
In this sacred union, where souls truly peak
A primal pulse, an electric surge,
 Unleashing torrents as they merge,
 The body charges in gratifying bliss,
 As two souls unite in a fiery kiss.
The climax, the peak of romantic delight
Where passion ignites the darkest night,
In this divine bond, where pleasure resides,
 We lose ourselves, for a moment, in tides.

Author Notes
The poem captures a moment of intense physical intimacy and emotional connection between two individuals, and the setting and circumstances are intentionally left open to interpretation, allowing readers to project their own experiences onto the poem, which can deepen their engagement with the text. Furthermore, the poem delves into the depths of human emotions and the transcendent nature of love, encouraging readers to reflect on their experiences of intimacy and connection.


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