- Worms Can Be Braveby pome lover
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Worms Can Be Brave by pome lover
    100 Word Dash Contest Winner 

Luther Lettuce looked up at the tomato vine. Tess Tomato, the beautiful object of his affection, was being attacked by a bird! If only I could move, he thought. He is devouring her. I am devastated!  

Finally, the bird flew up into a tree. Slowly, Tess turned. SHOCK! Her whole backside was gone.

Luther sent a mental SOS to Wilbur Worm, who chewed through Tess’s stem. She tumbled to the ground, landing beside Luther. Wrapping her in a lettuce leaf, he held her close.

Wilber inched away, trying to hide. Too late. He'd done his best.

The bird saw him.

Writing Prompt
Take flash fiction to the extreme. Can you tell a complete story in just 100 words. If so, this is your opportunity to shine. The story can be about any subject you wish, creative approaches are of course encouraged. All stories must have the following: Main Character, Setting, Conflict, Resolution.
100 Word Dash
Contest Winner

Author Notes
This is a bittersweet story. Sometimes resolutions aren't always happy for everyone, but Wilbur did what he was asked to do.
The pictured worm is really called a tomato worm.


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