- Ballad Of A Dead Soldierby Jonadab Ezerie
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For in our hearts, you'll forever remain
Ballad Of A Dead Soldier by Jonadab Ezerie

In a world where heroes rise and fall,
Where valor is measured by the call,
There lived a soldier brave and true,
A hero, with no fear to subdue.
He walked with courage, never backing down,
A fearless soldier, wearing victory like a crown,
Protecting freedoms, defending the weak,
In battles fought, his courage would speak.
Trapped in a world where guns never cease,
This soldier fought bravely, seeking for peace,
Yet in the midst of the darkest night,
This unknown soldier shines a guiding light.
But time cuts sharply, and lives can't be spared,
On this fateful day, his end was declared,
A bullet's cruel kiss silenced his voice,
Yet his legacy lives on, forever our choice
So, raise your voices in sorrow and cheer,
For the Ballad of a dead soldier, we hold dear,
In battles won and in battles lost,
His sacrifice was a heavy cost.
So let us remember this soldier's plight,
To hope for a world where guns fall silent at night,
Where love and compassion fill every soul,
And ballads of dead soldiers are never told.

Author Notes
This poem revolves around the life of a soldier who fought with great bravery for the ideals of freedom and peace. It highlights soldiers' immense sacrifices and the devastating effects of war. The poem also reminds us of the enduring legacy of those who gave their lives in service of their country. Through its touching words, the poem pays tribute to all soldiers throughout history and inspires us to strive for a world where conflicts are resolved peacefully and harmony prevails.


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