- This Happened at a Baby Showerby Tom Horonzy
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Eighty-word challenge
This Happened at a Baby Shower by Tom Horonzy
80 Word Flash Fiction writing prompt entry

I saw a baby on the floor. The little child was but two feet tall. Even that is my best guess, for she had fallen flat on her chin, likely when her knees gave in as she began to crawl. The reason why? I do surmise it was her effort to move too fast, causing the infant to blow a gasket. Anyone could tell because of the smell from her rear end that she hied to go while leaking gas. 

Writing Prompt
Write a story of 80 words. not including the title. Any subject accepted. Must be exactly 80 words.

Author Notes
The picture is my own and seemed apropos to the story.

This story came to me in a flash as I walked among the guests at said shower who had their infants spread on the floor, when a thought came clear that I had found a subject to meet the challenge that arrived this morning.

No children were injured in the making of this story.


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