- Avian Patrolby CrystieCookie999
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Free verse poem on nene: Hawaiian/Kauai geese
Avian Patrol by CrystieCookie999
Free Verse Poem contest entry

 During almost any severe storm,

nene geese huddle around Kilauea and Ninini lighthouses

on this island of Kauai, like some posse of dark-eyed sailors,

They occasionally honk while listening to the newest symphony of rain,

surrounded by sound, slicing through wet skies above low, thick fog.

In daylight, storm now receded, nenes prefer to browse, stroll, or pose

for tourist photos, perhaps knowing their neck stripes

and verifiable rarity makes them more appealing,

a study in black-gray contrast and clarity.

They waddle-pad around on lush, soaking-wet grass of lawns

meant to welcome tourists without using words.

The geese walk soberly, except for intermittent tail-waggle,

rarely pausing to consider plumeria or purple orchids.

They are dedicated to maintaining their perky, patrolling stance,

protecting their favorite coves, serene sea water shining in the distance,

transparent as hope, or wonder, or their own breath,

or perhaps dreams of future goslings.

They pause near banyan trees to watch a sunset

pass from golden glow to resemble bright red globe of a torch ginger flower,

blooming through the very end of brilliance,

while their black-capped heads are held up like darkened coins

to blend into nuances of night 

and Kauai’s endless rush of whispering waves.            


Author Notes
Based on a vacation to Kauai way back in 2009, my only trip there ever.
Photo from royalty-free search on internet.


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