- A Winter's Sceneby Tom Horonzy
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A Winter's Scene by Tom Horonzy
    Winter Brings... Contest Winner 

Away from the maddening world
in a land with no one else  
you arise to a golden sun
to witness a muted wonder.
The only sounds heard
are dropping dollops
escaping snow-covered limbs.
Even the wind refuses to blow
hypnotized by a snowy glow
emanating in the morning light
having white become whiter. 
Then, from a thicket
a snowshoe hare appears, 
whiskers twitching 
breathing air fresher 
than a spring daisy.
Further along an obstructed path
a tawny doe advances forward
nibbling on fir tree needles
the only visible fare to eat.
Ole Sol rises a lil further,
adding heat to beaming light
creating cascading waters
that retrace thoroughfares
historically dug slaking
an ocean's longing thirst.
Winter Brings...
Contest Winner

Author Notes
The photography is my own. A composite of two shots taken on our farm, Nevertheless Acres. Fits the piece, don't you agree?

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