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The Pacific Railroad by tempeste
Quatrain about Trains with Meter! writing prompt entry

the iron horse that rode the plains
was progress in the White Man's eyes
for bison and the Native braves 
it was the start of their demise

Writing Prompt
Write a quatrain about trains. It can be literal or metaphorical, but you want to capture the essence of a train for your reader. Its sounds, feel, smell, etc?

As always, no pictures

For this particular poem you are limited to four lines, with a meter, but the rhyme is up to you, but you must be able to describe it for your reader in the notes. For example, an iambic pentameter (often used for sonnets) written in abab. Or perhaps you want to write a dactylic hexameter with abba format?

In summary:

Theme: trains
Length: Four lines exactly
Notes: Must tell us in the author notes what rhyme scheme and meter that you used.

Author Notes
I got the rhyme ABCB
Eight syllables each line

The Transcontinental Railroad aka The PacificRailroad dramatically brought thousands of hunters who killed the bison Native people relied on.
It brought many more settlers that took the Native Indian land for farming and cattle.


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