- Love is a Many Splendored Thingby Tom Horonzy
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I Believe...
Love is a Many Splendored Thing by Tom Horonzy
Love writing prompt entry

Love begins by
Opening one's heart,
Vocally pronouncing to
Everyone, how

Intensely wonderful you feel for
Someone other than yourself.

Absolutely astonishing
Never having doubt, be it 
Yester, today, or tomorrow.

Sumptuously sublime,
Palatially divine,
Living the good life
Every night
Needing no one else.
Dotingly dedicated,
Overly obsessed
Realizing each word
Evokes an exuberance
Definite and undeniable

That Love is the 
Hallmark for happiness
In this life and the
Next, forevermore.
Glory be!
Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about something or someone you love.

Author Notes
The photo is my own of a couple from a wedding shoot I did for free.
Forty-five years and going strong; I wouldn't change anything.


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