- Faeriesby Lisasview
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For all that believe in Faeries
Faeries by Lisasview
No Rules Poetry Contest contest entry


In morn’s early mist, veiled faeries exist,

Circ'ling around tall ancient trees,

appearing magically with ease.

Gleefully singing, they'll be seen winging

amidst dandelions blowing,

sweet wishes ~ fluffy heads flowing.

Children up at dawn, wishing on the lawn ... 

tiny faeries to discover.

Flowers hide them as they hover.

Keeping out of sight, little hands hold tight. 

swaying, on grassy, windswept blades,

 in fear of sleepy sunrise raids.
Never as it seems, only in ones' dreams,

flittering `round their faerie ring ...

special mornings in Early Spring.
Showing ne’er a face, leaving not a trace!
Farrr-off music calls to their names …
skipping ‘way….playing faerie games.                                                                     


Author Notes
My mother, who was English, brought us up to believe in Faeries....
This poem is written in the structure of Bi-Trillets
For any of you that might wonder about Faeries there is a wonderful book, called Faeries Presented and Illustrated by Brian Froud and Alan Lee... written in 1978, so you could probably find it for a small amount somewhere.
Thank you reading my Faerie poem...


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