- Mumba the Strayby Debbie D'Arcy
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A sonnet
Mumba the Stray by Debbie D'Arcy

Arriving on a rainy day, a stray
you wandered in, bedraggled, seeking rest
and, in those eyes, no question you would stay,
so nestled down beside the chimney breast.
As though you knew he needed you as well,
you stirred his heart, so saddened in life's slide,
and then inspired such love (his friends would tell),
were always there, a guide to walk beside.
But then, one day as spirit ruled your head,
you ran across that road with tragic end.
His loss would stun and heartfelt tears were shed;
a tree now planted, mem'ry that might mend.
But now, dear friend, a thought where'er you speed,
your soul lives on within the man you freed.


Author Notes
My husband's ex-wife had left him when Mumba suddenly came into his life and, over the years, healed the pain he suffered from that separation.
Mumba (pictured) was a beautiful, part whippet stray who came with spirit into my husband's world for about 12 years and, sadly, left following a traffic collision. Of all our dogs, he was always particularly special, as though he'd been here before. And I've no doubt, his soul has transitioned somewhere else now.


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