- No Rules?by BethShelby
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Rule vs. no rules.
No Rules? by BethShelby
No Rules Poetry Contest contest entry

What would life be like without any rules?
It likely would turn us all into fools.
We might all go flying off into space,
without gravity to give us a base.
What if our planet had no certain path? 
How could we add without knowledge of math?
How could we ever learn how to keep score,
if two plus two didn’t add up to four?
Sometimes we believe rules shouldn’t apply.
However, without them we'd likely die.
If the sun decided not to give light,
there’d be no more days and maybe no night.
This country runs on a fair set of laws.
A leader who breaks them, should give us pause.
I couldn’t resist; it seemed to slip out.
Don’t worry; it’s not what this poem’s about.
This contest declared there would be no rule,
and some of you may consider that cool.
I’ve tried to abide and broken a few,
so, here’s my entry. I hope it will do.




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