- Griefby Ramona Agin
This work has reached the exceptional level
My heartache has not ended
Grief by Ramona Agin
No Rules Poetry Contest contest entry
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Eight years gone, it's almost Christmas. 

Soon the lights and smells of season will be upon us. 

It's been so long since I have been with you. 

So long since I last saw your face or touched you. 

The pain and the anguish of my loss consumes me still. 

Others don't understand it.. they never will. 

I lay alone at night and cry,

Asking God all the reasons why. 

So many bad people get to walk the street. 

Why was it you God wanted to meet? 


Author Notes
I lost my mom to kidney failure when she was only 73. There was only 18 years difference between our age. She was my best friend. I still miss her every day.


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