- The Final Frontierby Tom Horonzy
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Rebut Me if You Dare
The Final Frontier by Tom Horonzy
Rebut Me if You Dare writing prompt entry

The space within our heads, I say, is and shall forever be unfulfilled, mortally or supernally. Even now,  I probe my mental acuity for evidence supporting my theory. 
Ah-ha. The answer came in question form ... Did James Tiberius Kirk head "Where no man has gone before," thinking he could be headed for a dead end? Unlikely, since the theory of the third century believed the world was flat was proven wrong.
One may question my idea theoretically, but I hold fast that our intellects are as vast as Pi since UNIVAC keeps whizzing along adding additional digits.
Another thought is whether the myth is true that upon death only ten percent of our intellect is occupied. Seems an awfully low number for a mass of tissue with 100 billion neurons. (How did neurologists figure that out?)  Delving further, if their estimates are correct, and the average brain weighs three pounds would mean a single neuron weighs .00000000003 of a pound or .000000000001875 of an ounce. Right or wrong is of little consequence. 
What I further rediscovered, without forethought, is the tagline used by the United Negro College Fund:  "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste."  Dr. Frederick D. Patterson, addressing students at Tuskegee University (1944), is proof, it needn't be. as he had earned four degrees by age thirty-four, including a Ph.D. in microbiology.
Not to linger longer, I'll end believing the accessible expanse between our ears is as vast as space and similar to Pi. Men shall continue to learn perpetually, even in the realms above or wherever we end up. 

Writing Prompt
First, read my thoughts in The Final Frontier, then, your mission should you choose to accept, state why or not it makes any sense. Have fun. May the IMF be with you.

Author Notes
This may be DQ'd as too abstract, but it was worth three bucks to see if this challenge would fly. It's supposed to be humorous as well as intellectual.
The image is a small piece of a photo I snapped in a SLC visitor center representing the creation of the world.


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